A Japanese garden is a fitting metaphor for the music of Chequerboard. This music is raked, and tended to, with such focus and care that each sound rises and falls in its own being without ever losing purpose or beauty. Peace reigns, and the acoustic heart of John Lambert’s guitar beats contently and evenly through the veins of the partaker. 

Living on the serener end of the post rock rainbow Chequerboard’s acoustic guitar now and then is accompanied by other equally tempered instruments, keeping a steady unfolding, and developing each reach with finesse and class. If you’re looking for something in the family of Johann Johannsson, Olafur Arnalds or Max Richter, you have come to the right place.

With the summer release of his new album ‘Souvenir’ John Lambert brings this new material to the live setting with the help of Barry Halpin (Crash Ensemble) on guitar and Mary Barnecutt & Lioba Petrie on cellos.

With over 21 million streams on Spotify to date Chequerboard continues to build a global audience for his understated but powerful take on guitar music that speaks directly to the heart of its audience.