Originally hailing from Tipperary Ireland, Elaine Howley is a vocalist, musician and producer who merges an expansive tapestry of experimental, analogue processes with a love of classic songwriting and emotive melody, to create a sound world that is distinctly her own. Immersed in both the experimental music scenes in her adopted home of Cork, and the DIY ethos of Ireland’s alternative rock community, Elaine’s music grew out of years of varied, extensive collaborative practise, performance and experimentation. Her solo debut album The Distance between Heart and Mouth, was released to widespread acclaim in 2022 on Touch Sensitive Records. Elaine used tape to process voice, drum machines and synthesizers, creating rich, analogue textures which work in tandem with her songwriting to weave an intimate sonic tapestry that feels warm and esoteric all at once.

The album is now in its second pressing & has received praise from Pitchfork, The Sunday Times, The Examiner and by Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC6 Music. The Distance Between Heart and Mouth was named The Thin Air Magazine’s album of The Year 2022.