Musing is a DJ from Dublin sharing music monthly on Dublin Digital Radio. As part of the show, Musing invites both international and local talent to showcase their sound. 3 years on and over 30 episodes later, the show boosts an impressive catalogue of guests such as Jesse G, Hannah D, Ronan, Plus One, and Lora Mipsum. At its core, is a search to connect with DJs worldwide and share exciting new music from labels like Tofistock, A Colourful Storm, Krunk Kulture, and Animalia, to name a few. In the booth, Musing fuses a myriad of genres featuring intricate drums and dancing melodies to build dynamic sets. Anyone who has seen him play might struggle to pin him to one style but may recall remnants of cosmic textures, bird calls, f1 engines, otherworldly percussion, and odd snippets of broken vocals.