Poor Creature are Cormac MacDiarmada (Lankum), Ruth Clinton (Landless) and John Dermody (The Jimmy Cake). They take songs of love, loss and the supernatural from Irish and American traditions, reimagining them in new arrangements that are by turns sparse, dreamy, psychedelic and propulsive. Recent performances include Irish Writers for Palestine, MusicTown and Quiet Lights, and an eagerly anticipated debut album is in production.

“On the live front, the act who have enthralled me for every second of all of the gigs of theirs that I have been lucky enough to witness are Poor Creature . It’s the work of Lankum boy wonder Cormac MacDiarmada and Ruth Clinton from the peerless Landless, so it’s not like they licked it off the stone or anything. The addition of John Dermody on drums has taken the whole project into another dimension and with an album recorded with John ‘Spud’ Murphy at the helm, if I was a betting man, I would put the house I will never own on 2024 being their year” – Donal Dineen, 2023

“While taking inspiration from tradition, their approach is experimental, edgy and refreshingly original” – Folk Radio UK, 2022

“I have been broadcasting their respective music in bands such as Lankum and Landless for a few years now. It almost goes without saying that their dedication and creativity in traditional music has had a dramatic impact on a generation of listeners in Ireland. In fact, it has impacted every generation who encounters it, the music is timeless and immediate to everyone” – Ray Cuddihy, RTÉ Mise Freisin