Really Good Time are a band from Dublin, that sound like ‘Vertigo’ era U2 covering Viagra Boys, or early Pixies and LCD Soundsystem records in a blender with some cheap speed.

Diolmhain Ingram Roche on lead vocals and guitar (nametag: Dilly)

Jack Hitchcock on bass and vocals (nametag: Le Coque)

Alex Conway on guitar and backing vocals (nametag: The Duke)

Adrian Garvey on drums and backing vocals (nametag: Ado)

They make loud, generally fast music that toes the line between noisy and melodic, weird and anthemic, always aiming to capture the ecstatic release found in a sweaty crowd moving together amidst waves of amplification. The band began as friends who met many years ago while sharing small stages and warm beer as members of different acts within Dublin’s close-knit music scene. 

Diolmhain was creating hazy, downtempo electronica under the name Wastefellow, while Jack, Alex, and Adrian were part of a six-piece psychedelic rock band called Fat Pablo. When Fat Pablo disbanded, these three members continued to meet regularly and play together. As COVID was beginning to disrupt everyone’s plans, Jack impulsively invited Diolmhain to join them for an evening to play for the fun of it, and he never left.

There was something about that time that made the band crave the release found in primal noise, the kind of uncomplicated music they had all begun trying to play as teenagers. Living under such uncertainty, there was solace to be found making music which connected them once more to the frenzied energy of stumbling into some thronged, late-night crowd around a tiny festival stage, only to lose oneself within a press of people and noise in the rain. The band tried obsessively to find that energy once more, and in doing so emerged a set of guiding principles: if something isn’t immediately exciting, discard it or speed it up. If there’s ever a concern that something is too cheesy/poppy or too weird/noisy, eliminate that worry by leaning into it. If a song doesn’t feel like it would be unbelievably fun to gig, it isn’t for this band.

After first getting matching boiler-suits made, because having a really good time should be treated as hard, serious work, the band played their first show in July of 2021, coming out of lockdown to headline a semi-legal 200 person festival at 1am in the rain. Having realized their first dream straight out of the gate, Really Good Time immediately experienced an existential crisis to which the only response could be to dream bigger, which has now effectively translated into the band playing every show like they are in an arena, because that’s where they’re set on going.  

Since that first show, Really Good Time have sold out headlines in Dublin, independently toured the UK and built a loyal following around a live show like bottled lightning and a couple of singles and videos which have firmly established their own world of art-rock bravado, wherein it makes perfect sense for an emerging act to declare themselves the greatest band on earth and to give their second music video a red carpet premiere at a local pub.

After a summer that saw Really Good Time take larger stages, supporting Franz Ferdinand at Collins Barracks and storming the Something Kind of Wonderful Tent at All Together, RGT released their debut EP ‘Escape From the Mountain of Spit’ via Everybody’s. The EP and lead single received high praise from Steve Lamacq, drawing favorable comparisons to early QOTSA and The Walkmen on his roundtable review. The release was supported by a run of showcase festivals in the UK at the start of October, and a spate of Irish shows supporting The Scratch and The Murder Capital in November. Closing out a bumper year with debut performances at Other Voices in Dingle and a festive Dublin headline in December, RGT are already looking towards what’s sure to be a big 2024.