In 1988, Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot put away his Killing Joke and PIL  badges and started raving in his native Dublin. 

In 1992, he moved to New York City, where he stumbled into DJing at bars in  the East Village, a residency at the legendary Save The Robots club and  eventually co-founded Plant Bar, a sort of de facto clubhouse for the early  DFA gang. 

In 2006, after repeated insistence from friend James Murphy, Marcus  Lambkin aka Shit Robot released his debut 12-inch on DFA, “Wrong Galaxy /  Triumph.” Three albums, gigs all over the world, and a righteous grip of  singles followed. 

In 2023, after 5 years off gardening in the German countryside, Marcus  Lambkin aka Shit Robot delivered a new set of tracks as vital and incisive as  anything that’s preceded it. Mixed by James Murphy and mastered by Bob  Weston, supported by DJs such as Optimo, Heidi Lawden, Ivan Smagghe,  and many others, the new 5 Songs EP is out now on DFA.