Over a decade ago, Toby Kaar made a name for himself in the Irish music scene with a singular, agitated sound and explosive live shows. Originally from Cork, he was first noticed for the infectious melody of Bread and a slew of remixes displaying a gleeful disregard for genre or prescribed style. Live, he ground his music into something new entirely, breaking tracks down and rebuilding them into a jittery, chaotic collage of sound. During this time, Kaar appeared everywhere: headline shows, festival appearances and a constant stream of edits and remixes, culminating in just one official release: 2016’s Gumbrielle EP was an ecstatic run of tracks that embodied the vibrant music he was known for.

Since then, increasingly sporadic releases painted a picture of someone retreating from view and focussing on artistic growth. Individual releases such as the 2020 tracks Fierce Fancy and One for Julie were testament to this, highlighting Kaar’s perfectionism and drive for innovation. Recent inactivity has not gone unnoticed: fans have been awaiting new music from the artist for some time, but 2023 will see him make an overdue return with a series of releases that promise to be as impactful and emotive as ever.