Graham Sweeney is a singer-songwriter from Achill Island, Co Mayo. His distinctive sound arises from a blend of traditional guitar playing, percussive finger-tapping and rhythmic vocal melodies. The history and dramatic landscape of Achill Island has also had a strong impact on Graham, informing his work both poetically and visually.

Graham enjoys pushing boundaries with his music creations. In 2023, he worked on an electronic fusion project with Japanese producer Hiroaki Yokoyama using field sounds from Achill Island.

Over the past few years, Graham has been busy working on a new project called ‘The Achill Sound’, alongside his producer John Michael Berry. The Achill Sound is a collection of musicians and voices, from Achill Island.  It combines the history and culture of Achill Island told through traditional music and storytelling. The debut album ‘Isle of the Eagle’ was released in August 2023.