At Another Love Story, we believe in extending the love we share at the festival to a love for our beautiful planet. 

Therefore we want to make a real effort to minimise the environmental impact of the festival by improving the way we manage our waste, transport and energy on site to help reduce the carbon emissions caused by the event.

Achieving this requires cooperation and support from everyone at the festival including the organisers, the traders, the artists, and the audience. So we are asking you to be mindful and respectful of the fact that we are essentially having a party in someone’s back garden, and to work with us to help reach our goals. Please take the time to read our sustainability statement.

We look forward to seeing you at Another Love Story.

The Another Love Story team 


Our aim is to minimise the amount of waste produced on site and to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. We aim to maximise the amount of materials and organic waste that will be recycled and minimise the amount of waste going to a waste to energy plant.

Another Love Story provides bins around the festival site and in the campsites that will be clearly labelled for the following items: mixed dry recyclables (plastics, cans, paper, cardboard), organic / food waste, general waste and glass. Please use all the appropriate bins accordingly.

Please do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground. They are toxic and take decades to biodegrade. Find a general waste bin or bring your own portable ashtray such as a plastic container.

We will be providing drinking water on site so please bring a reusable water bottle. Throw in your coffee mug and cutlery with you to help reduce the amount of plastic bottles and coffee cups on site.

Food, coffee and bar traders have been requested to use only compostable or biodegradable coffee cups and kitchenware.

We have compost toilets on site and all the organic waste from this will go to a composting plant.



We understand there are many challenges when it comes to managing energy at events. However we want to lead the charge at Another Love Story by making an effort to be energy efficient and by using as much renewable, low carbon energy to power the festival as possible.

  • All of our festival festoon and stage lighting is led.
  • We spec low-energy equipment where possible
  • We use new, efficient well maintained generators
  • We operate a strict ‘switch off’ policy on site turning off equipment and appliances that waste electricity when they are not in use.

Camping clean, camping green

No matter which campsite you are in, please love the land and the environment by: 

  • keeping your camp clean and tidy over the weekend 
  • being sound to your neighbours
  • acquiring any new camping gear by borrowing or purchasing it second-hand
  • separating and recycling your waste. 
  • bringing your own bin bags with you and to use the right bins 
  • using usb powered and rechargeable equipment
  • investing in a portable solar charger for phones 
  • using biodegradable baby wipes and glitter
  • taking your tent and all of your camping gear home with you afterwards.


In general, the biggest environmental impact festival-goers have is the means by which they travel to and from the festival. The best change you can make is to not travel in private vehicles like cars and vans. 

There are a few ways to travel to the festival without it costing the earth: take the dedicated festival bus which leaves from St Patrick’s cathedral from 17:00 on Friday 18th August and return from Killyon Manor at 19:00 on Sunday 20th August. 

Lift-share/car-pool: these days it’s all about the sharing economy, so spread the love by arranging lift-sharing with your friends. Websites such as, forums like or social media will help you find people driving to the festival who are willing to lift share.

Drive greener – some eco driving tips to save fuel and carbon emissions while driving aa motoring advice.

Cycle or walk – it’s free, zero carbon, and good exercise. There’ll be a semi-organised cycle from Dublin along the royal canal. Contact us by email if interested in participating.